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Andy Farmer

Owner, Adult Lessons and Advanced Junior Training

Andy Farmer Tennis Instructor with Pancho Segura

Andy with his mentor, the great Pancho Segura at his 90th birthday party…

Andy trained at the very prestigious Harry Hopman’s International Tennis Academy in Florida, known today as Saddlebrook Resort. While at the academy, he had the opportunity to train alongside some of the greatest tennis players.

While at the academy he received extensive training by world-renowned coaches Tommy Thompson, Bob Butterfield, Alvaro Betancur, Colon Nunez, and the great Harry Hopman. When back visiting family in San Diego, Andy would also train with Hall of Famer Pancho Segura, whom he considers a good friend and mentor. After a brief stint on the professional circuit, he was sidelined by an Achilles injury. It was during his recovery, when Andy discovered his passion for coaching.

At the invitation of K. Maebara, former president of the Japanese Tennis Association (JTA), Andy traveled to Japan to play Pro-Ams and to coach at prestigious tennis clubs in the Tokyo area. During this time, Mr. Maebara motivated Andy to start his own Academy. Over the next decade, players from Japan, Mexico and England of all ages traveled to San Diego to train with Andy.

Over the past 22 years, WCTA has gained a large, and loyal following. For years he traveled with his players to National and ITF tournaments while helping his players gain college scholarships. While at La Costa Resort, Andy got the opportunity to travel and coach two women on the WTA tour for two and half years. Achieving his goal of taking a player from a beginner to the Professional level. Andy has consistently produced players ranked in the top 50 in Southern California.

What Andy brings to the court is the instilled sense of discipline, energy, and love of tennis. His love of the game definitely shows when he is in his element.

Andy Farmer Tennis Instructor at Harry Hopmans House

At Harry Hopman’s House for dinner 1982
World Renowned Davis Cup Coach for Australia

Andy Farmer Tennis Coach WTA Tournament Turkey

Coaching at Professional WTA tournament in Turkey