Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to be a member at Rancho Valencia to take lessons?

No. And court time is included.

Do we just teach kids?

We teach all ages and levels from the 5 year old beginner to the elite nationally ranked junior to the beginner adult to a AA level player… we also have clinics for adults

Can we just drop in?

Yes, but we recommend you call the office to make sure you are registered in the appropriate class

Ball Machine: Do you have to be part of a program?

Yes, you must be in the program to rent the machine.

Private Lesson: We teach private lessons and have hitting lessons?


Drop ins?

To insure the highest level of coaching our students register in sessions for our classes, BUT you can join anytime.


We keep our ratio of student to coach small.

Miss a Class?

Since we have limited space, try not to miss a class for appointments. We don’t credit for missed classes but if it is just 1 or 2 in a session we try to make-up on a Tuesday or Saturday in match play.


We will list the holidays if there isn’t a class. At registration if you know you are gone you must note on your form.


We never cancel a class before 2:45 as courts can dry, so don’t assume we are rained out. You must check the website / Twitter . Some classes can run in the tent in the rain! We typically try to reschedule the rained out class to keep the players on the lesson plan.