ISPE Home School Program

Independent Studies Physical Education

Tennis ISPE San Diego - Girl in green shirt with tennis racketISPE is designed for each individual person so all the rules may not apply based on the child’s school and tournament ranking.

ISPE helps those students to be able to get extra training in their sport and also enough time for homework

Parents must obtain the paperwork from the student’s school.

ISPE Regulations

  • Fees for classes are prepaid.
  • There are no refunds, credits or transfers for any services at the time of cancellation.
    • Member may complete prepaid lessons, Jr. Workouts and classes if desired.
  • Private lessons and clinics are non-refundable and non-transferable.

WCTA ISPE Requirements and Rules

Tennis ISPE Independent Studies PE High School - Boy playing tennis

  • Players must be in WCTA program to qualify for this program. Player’s may not be solely members of the facility or location.
  • ISPE should only be considered by a player interested in playing at least 7+ hours of tennis a week. Including but not limited to: private lessons, Jr. Workout participation, competing in USTA tournaments and ladder matches.
  • All juniors are expected to follow the USTA guidelines regarding code of conduct and dress attire. Players who don’t follow the guidelines will be dismissed and unable to participate in WCTA programs for 2 days (no refund, make ups or transfers on missed classes will be allowed.)

Tennis ISPE Independent Studies PE program

  • Program is offered September-June. (Jan-June, Sept-Dec)
  • Players must register for the entire duration of each program.
  • Players must be at the WCTA location during the scheduled ISPE time, unless previously rearranged with office.
  • Juniors enrolled in the program have permission to use the WCTA ball machine and ball baskets to serve, however this must be prearranged with Andy Farmer or the WCTA office prior to play and during ISPE time only.
  • Players must train with a WCTA staff member a minimum of one time per week.
  • Players must attend a Junior Workout session a minimum of two times per week.
  • Player’s ISPE logs must be signed by Andy Farmer, Paige Farmer or the WCTA office staff.
  • Players must have their own jump rope. Other equipment maybe required
  • Player must have 3 month and 6 month goals to work on.

Questions please call: 760-753-5530

Download ISPE Contract

Monthly Package Options

Tennis ISPE Independent Studies PE - Boy playing tennis

3 Month Agreement

Packages are designed to give the players more opportunities to play a discounted price.

Example of Package: All inclusive package (contract to be signed on line and in person)

Option A:

Includes: Clinics, open-match play/Jr ladder, private lessons, serving basket, ball machine

ISPE inquiries on fees and insurance: CALL PAIGE ( | 760-212-6772)

Month includes: Clinics, Privates, Hitting sessions, ISPE fees, extra match play, ball machine

*if there are more clinics in a month price will adjust up. There are no make ups for missed tennis.

If you are interested in a package, please call the office at 760-753-5530

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