Racketeers / Beginner (8-10 yrs)

This class is designed to introduce students to real stroke production of all strokes. Amongst other things, students will learn proper technique, grips, and footwork.  For our NEW season the kids will have a step stone program to help them set goals to get to the next level.   When they “pass” the test they will receive their “prize” and move to the next stage.

SSV: rating 60-79



  • April 2-June 11  2015
  •  Holiday:  None
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:30-4:30   NEW Class starting at 4:30-5:30
  • Sunday Class:  6 weeks session  – call on dates
  • Location: Fairbanks Ranch Country Club

Cost Per Session

Initiation: $60  ( Includes: Test fees/ New Tennis Racket/T-shirt, & more) This season we are trying to track the kids with log sheets and incentives, so the initiation is to cover the prizes. These prizes are tennis items and are only given when they have completed certain tasks This is a 1 time fee – so if you are in the class for a few sessions you will only pay it once   One class per week

  • Tuesdays : Member: $  Non Member: $
  • Thursdays: Member: $ Non Member: $
  • 2x a week special: Member: $ Non Member:
  • $30/class drop-in rate

Sunday Class:  6 week session January 11 – February 15 10:45-11:45 Member $  Non Member $ Day Fee: $35           NO REFUNDS