Open Clinics / High School

Open Group Tennis lessonsMinimum 2 days a week:

Options: 2 clinics or 1 clinic and 1 private

This program is designed to have instruction in ball feeding for singles and doubles point play. This class is a little more low key from the elite program, but pushes them as well.

More specific footwork drills for balance and quickness. Team building exercises, strategy sessions and importance of mental toughness and team building

Payton picutre for Open Clinics High School Tennis Lessons

  • Must do assessment to be placed
  • Age: 12 yrs and up
    • Play 1 USTA Satellite-Open level 1x a month or played on the high school team
    • Goals: High school Tennis, or not sure
    • Clinic Option: 8th grade up – Wednesday(citrus)
    • Saturday 12:00-2:00
  • Suggestion to reach goals: 8-11 hrs a week (clinics, lessons, matches, fitness)
    • Tournaments: 1 per month
    • 2 day minimum: based on age and level (2 clinic or 1 clinic 1 lesson)

Open Clinics Pricing

Class Days:April 1 - June 26
1 day/week: Wednesday$585.00
2 days/week: Mon/Wed
2 days/week:Mon/Wed
$900.00 SPECIAL(END JUNE 26)
$988.00 (END JUNE 10

1 Time Drop in fee: $45

All classes are pro-rated for late registration

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